OFFER for content owners!

SPECIAL OFFER for: Studios, Content owners, Pay Site owners!
If you own any video or photo content in the gay or mainstream niches, then you will be interested in this offer!

Our team has already realized several very successful adult projects and now we offer you to participate in our new project as a partner. It will cost you nothing and it won?t take any of your time.

Just using the video and photo content you have already in your possession, you can make a fortune!

What we offer:
You provide your video and photo content for a Pay Site and we take care of the rest, including:
1. Design of tour pages and the member?s area of a new pay site, and promo materials for webmasters;
2. Billing solutions;
3. Hosting services;
4. Editing and preparation of the content;
5. Mailing the news about the new site launch to our webmasters and customers (your site will start making a profit right away);
6. We will cover all the expenses!

We offer you mutual beneficial partnership with 50% of the profits.

What you have to provide:
1. Legal video and photo content.
2. All the necessary documentation, including copies of models? IDs, photos of models holding their ID and model releases.
3. Your desire to participate in the project.

How do you collect your profit:
You will get access to detailed statistics and thus you will be able to control all the aspects of our partnership on a real-time basis. Payouts will be made once a month (after the 24th day of the next after the current month).

Join us and start making money right now!

You can contact us any time and discuss all the matters or ask any questions via our e-mail:

F.A.Q. 1. I already own a paysite, will our collaboration influence it in any way?
- No. The business we will be doing together will in no way reflect on your current sites.

2. I am worried about possible copyright infringement concerning my content.
- You are the sole owner and the copyright holder of your content. All content placed to the member area has to be watermarked with the site's name and domain.

3. How do I control the financial side of our work?
- You will be able to access the stats for your site in our affiliate program.

4. What backend script is your affiliate program running on?
- We are currently using Awm-scripts.

5. What companies will be processing the payments?
- SegPay, Epoch, CCBILL.

6. How will you send my money to me?
- We are ready to send your profit by wire transfer, check, paxum.

7. How long will it take to build a full-featured paysite?
- Normally it takes 10-30 days to build a site depending on how many content needs to be processed, and on the workload of our designers.

8. How can I supply the content for the site?
- We will give you an FTP account so that you can upload your content. You can watermark your content yourself, or we can do it for you. It is desirable to deliver videos in 720x576 or higher resolution.

9. Do I need to process my content?
- We can do it for you.

10. Who will own the domain name?
- Our company will own the domain name. You will remain the owner of your content.

11. Do I need to provide you with model IDs?
- Sure, this is absolutely necessary. We need to have access to model IDs and releases. Needless to say, all models have to be of legal age. Without documents, billings won't process the payments for this site.