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1. Registration
1.1. Fill the form on SIGN UP page (For Example:)

2. Webmaster Area

2.1. To start promote our websites go to menu Links and choose any website you want to promote, for example Mike18 is ( john222222 - ID ). Now you can use this link to earn 50% of each sale and rebill.

3. Promo Tools
3.1 In promo tools area you will find many ways to start promote websites. FHG LINKS - is list of photo and video galleries. FREE CONTENT - video and photo content, you can download and use it. BANNERS - gif or jpg files for advertising. WEBMASTER BANNERS - promo tool to invite new webmasters. RSS FEEDS - special tool to feed your blog or other sites with new galleries. FLV BATCH - list of free videos clips. POUP CODES - special codes you can use it on your websites to get more sales. INSTANT MESSAGE CODES - special codes you also can use it on your websites to get more sales.

4. Payments
4.1. Here you can see you history of payments

5. Account Settings
5.1. Here you can choose your payment method, change personal info and choose other special options.