Terms & Conditions

1. Bucksfactory.com pays you 50% from all your subscriptions and subsequent rebills (if you have more than 60 sales in pay period [ 1 -15 ] or [ 16 - end of month ], you can get up to 60% in the next pay period. You need to e-mail us to activate this function, the decision is taken individually.)

2. Bucksfactory.com pays you 5% of any referred webmaster's earnings.

3. Payments are made every 1th and 15nd day of month (28 days hold for every transaction).

4. BucksFactory.com does not hold any responsibility for payments that have been sent to incorrect requisites stated by the webmaster in his account.

5. BucksFactory.com does not return the payments that have been sent to requisites regardless of the reason, unless the payment has been returned back.

6. BucksFactory.com can entertain claims according to the sent payments only in the case, if webmaster has notified the BucksFactory.com about undelivered payment not later than after 2 months from the moment the payment has been done.

7. Minimum sum for payment is $100.

8. If your earned sum for the current period is less than $100, all earned money gets automatically transferred to the next period until the next payment.

9. If you give us incorrect contact or payment information, we reserve the right to ban your account without any payments.

10. Bucksfactory reserves the right to make penalties for chargebacks. Bucksfactory chargeback penalty fee cannot be more than 50% from the penalty fee of our billing system.

11. If any illegal activity of any webmaster gets noticed, the account is banned until all the circumstances are cleared. In case any fraud is suspected, transactions and payments are terminated without commission being paid. In some cases this activity will be investigated and prosecuted in accordance with applicable laws.

12. You can have one account for one single person or company.

13. Multi-registration to benefit from referral earnings is prohibited.

14. All used banners should be located on your server.

15. You can use your own banners, but only if they contain proper and correct information.

16. Registering at Bucksfactory.com, webmaster automatically agrees to receive email newsletters from Bucksfactory.com.

17. CP and Bestiality are prohibited!

18. Spam is not allowed!

19. Promo materials can be used only while advertising of Bucksfactory.com sites.

20. We have the right to change, modify, and amend and/or supplement present terms and conditions at any moment without notification.

21. We allow use videos with maximum 300 seconds length only from our member areas! We don't allow cut copyrights from videos or photos!

22. Active webmaster is the one who has 1 or more subscriptions

23. If you broke these terms we reserve the right to ban your account without any payments.